The Allotment Society

The current allotments were established in 2010 in response to local demand. The Parish Council secured a lease on a corner of Barton’s Field.  Funding from Rushcliffe and from Nottinghamshire County Council then enabled the newly formed Allotment Society to erect a fence alongside the public footpath, lay a car park and establish a wheelchair accessible area with raised beds.


Cornflowers, Marigolds & Poppies

All the plots were soon let. Carol Savage took charge of the community allotment and in subsequent years secured extra funding for this which bought asparagus plants (yum!) fruit trees, weed suppressing fabric for the paths and much more.  Alan Wilkins obtained a grant for apple trees from the Bramley Trust and even more young trees from St Anne’s allotments in Nottingham. There is now a community orchard flourishing as well as fruit trees on individual plots.

In spring the blossom is a pretty sight for walkers along the footpath.  Wild flowers and bulbs have been planted in and around the orchard areas as well as along the hedgerow and field footpath and these are allowed to seed and spread.  Walkers often pause to admire them.

Bike & Shed

Local horse owners bring us free manure.  Alistair Cuthill frequently donates wood chip.  We have strimmers (NOT kept on site) for members to use on their individual plots.  There are full-size plots, half plots, shared plots as well as the community allotment.

No-one has ever waited more than a few months to obtain a plot so if you are interested and a resident of Kinoulton or Hickling please contact rbpiper@tiscali.co.uk or come to look around when the site is open.  The entrance is on Owthorpe Lane and there are usually members working at week-ends and on summer evenings.