Neil Oxby

Neil Oxby

Address: 3 West End, Kinoulton

Tel: 01949 81117

Email: n.oxby@btinetrnet.com

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“I grew up in Kinoulton. Kinoulton Gorse, the canal and haystacks on local farms provided our adventure playground. The school football team used to play on a cricket field that was still ridge and furrow – to have any chance of scoring a goal you had to shoot from the top of a ridge!”

I have lived in Kinoulton all my life and follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and great grandfather who also served on the Parish Council.

For many years I worked in the property sector both in the public and private sector, qualifying as a Valuer and Auctioneer.    In 2006 I moved into the Planning Section of a Nottinghamshire District Council after undertaking a course in urban and regional planning, subsequently becoming a Chartered Planner.     I am currently working on bring forward the Local Plan for the Authority and supporting parish plans within that District.   On a part time basis, I am involved with farming land in Kinoulton with an emphasis on improving the natural environment.  Four of our fields are now designated as “Local Wildlife Sites” by Nottinghamshire Biological and Geological Records Centre.

As a Parish Councillor since 1987 and Treasurer since 1989, I have seen an increasing amount of regulation in what seems to be an increasingly complex world.  This is a far cry from the Parish Council of the past, where the accounts in 1927 set out  “ Total payments nil”   and the minutes of 14th December 1927 record:

“There being no business requiring attention the meeting fixed for the above date was not held”

I have been a member of the Village Hall Management Committee for many years, becoming Treasurer before the building of the new Hall. I have played cricket for Kinoulton Cricket Club since I was 12 and continue to try to play on the odd occasions and support the Club in any way I can.  On behalf of the Parish Council, I inspect the joint use play area every weekend and, every other month I can be seen delivering the Village Newsletter on West End and Kinoulton Lane. I remain actively involved in the local community and enjoy that I am doing something constructive towards making the village an even better place to live.