Make a change, become a Kinoulton Councillor

On May 4th Kinoulton elected its Parish Council for the next four years.
Councillors Peter Cadwallader, Mel Marriott, Neil Oxby, Michael Kaiser and Geoff Earl were all re-elected unopposed and will serve until 2027.There are, however, spaces for seven Councillors in total on KPC so this leaves two vacancies and, for the next month or so, KPC has the power to co-opt new members.
This is your opportunity to become involved in the affairs of our area by putting your name forward for co-option. There are two places available.
If you are passionate about our community and want to make long-lasting changes or have concerns about local issues and want to do something about them, or if you have particular skills and interests that you feel would benefit your Parish Council then now is your chance.
Kinoulton Parish Council Parish Council meets once a month discussing issues such as crime prevention, planning and local amenities. Why not talk to your local councillors or Julie, the Clerk, and find out about the role?
Contact Julie by email on kinoultonpc@yahoo.co.uk or call her on 01949 823902. Or talk to one of your Councillors.
Don’t miss this chance to make a difference and become a Kinoulton Councillor.