Notice of Road Closures

Attached are details of the forthcoming road closures of Gardner Drive, Newbold Way and Meadow Way, Kinoulton. For full details see the Roadworks Bulletin attached below.

Garry Elsom
Tel:0115 8042167
Email: garry.elsom@viaem.co.uk


Restrictions applied daily, weekdays only 07:30 – 15:30

Wednesday 11th May 2022 – Friday 20th May 2022
a. Gardner Drive – for its full length

Monday 23rd May 2022 – Friday 3rd June 2022
b. Newbold Way – between its junctions with Gardner Drive and Meadow Way

Monday 6th June 2022 – Tuesday 14th June 2022
c. Meadow Way – between its junctions with Main Street and Newbold Way